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October 2016



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ya know ya want that sweet, sweet candy

leave a comment here for a blue candy! :)

optionally, since it is halloween, you could also tell me your favourite horror-related thing. books, anime, games, tv, certain bits of lore, ghosts, monsters that have always creeped you out...etc s'all fine!

Candies Given
18th Nov 2016
jessu, bobanaicha, canute, magaru, lady_paine, nidoking, sinew, zeittari, netbug009, zekroms, reneetwist, buttmage
5th Nov 2016
admiral, instrumentality, scblakdrgon, beezebeora, chuuya
2nd Nov 2016
tiddle_widdly, anaraine, neverbepractical, sujini, kureto
31st Oct 2016
dustybunny, ivoryandhorn
Candies Received

15th Nov 2016
brown candy - netbug009
Host Club Giveaway 146 - purple candy

14th Nov 2016
grey candy - neverbepractical
Seiyuu Guess 263 - yellow candy
Crazy Colors 142 - yellow candy, orange candy

13th Nov 2016
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 134 - blue candy

11th Nov 2016
red candy - zeittari
yellow candy - canute

10th Nov 2016
orange candy - kurieta
purple candy - lady_paine
Crazy Colors 141 - orange candy, grey candy

9th Nov 2016
Seiyuu Guess 262 - orange candy

6th Nov 2016
blue candy - zekroms

5th Nov 2016
yellow candy - bobanaicha
brown candy - buttmage
purple candy - chuuya
Coloring Book 132 - purple candy

3rd Nov 2016
Coloring Book 132 - brown candy
green candy - madoka
red candy - scblakdrgon, instrumentality

2nd Nov 2016
green candy - beezebeora, kureto

1st Nov 2016
orange candy - ivoryandhorn
grey candy - sinew, anaraine, tiddly_widdly
green candy - jessu

31st Oct 2016
purple candy - admiral
yellow candy - eonflamewing
blue candy - sujini, dustybunny

30th Oct 2016
red candy - nidoking
orange candy - reneetwist

(brown x3, purple x5, grey x5, yellow x5, orange x6, blue x4, green x4, red x4)

Colors TCG

Nov. 23rd, 2013 08:47 am
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Hello, I've moved my trade post here!

(however, if you'd still like to trade via this dreamwidth post, that's fine as well!)

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